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French animal rights groups denounce rabbit breeding in cages A new video released by the L214 French animal rights group has shown rabbits being bred in inhumane conditions, piled one on top of another in metal cages and treated injected with various antibiotics in order to survive. 
France's Gafa tax is 'discriminatory', tech giants tell US hearing Google, Amazon and Facebook have denounced France’s Gafa tax, which targets the American tech giant, as retroactive and discriminatory.
France, Panama to launch bilateral body to fight tax evasion France and Panama have signed a bilateral agreement in Panama City to create a group designed to curb tax fraud, announced Gérald Darmanin, French minister of public accounts. The move comes years after Panama was blacklisted amid the Panama Papers tax evasion scandal. 
France tells tourists to stop eroding nature by stone-stacking Towns across France are urging visitors eager to snap the perfect Instagram-friendly holiday photos to refrain from harming the environment by stacking stones, or rock cairns.
Why are French cities full of bins with questions on them? Springing up across French cities in recent months are bins posing burning questions such as - 'working out or eating cheese?' or'Star Wars or Star Trek?'
French resort of Biarritz prepared for lockdown ahead of G7 summit Surfers must stay out of the Atlantic waves, tourists will have to keep away from gleaming beaches at the height of the summer season and locals risk being unable to access the city centre.
Biarritz residents and business owners uneasy over G7 lockdown As Biarritz prepares to host the G7 summit this weekend, some residents and business owners worry that “unprecedented” security measures could put a damper on the resort town’s economy.
What you need to know about Paris' new WWII French Resistance museum As Paris marks 75 years since the liberation of the city, a new museum is opening which tells the fascinating stories of the incredibly brave men and women who risked their lives to join the Resistance.
'My life was changed by Notre-Dame, now I want to share its amazing story' The Notre-Dame fire sparked huge global interest and many intense emotions. But Nicolas Jeter was so affected by the disaster that he has decided to memorialise the cathedral with a children's book.
Attacks are 'becoming the new normal' for French firefighters Since the end of June, French firefighters have been taking industrial action in a row about resources - but also the rising number of attacks they face on duty. Caroline Pierron finds out more.
Tell us: What questions do you have about no-deal Brexit? We are of course all still hoping that the UK does not leave the European Union without a deal, but just in case we are aiming to provide as much practical information as possible for British people living in France.
Google, Amazon, Facebook slam French digital tax as ‘discriminatory’ American tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google joined forces on Monday to decry the French digital tax as retroactive and discriminatory.
Macron will find it hard to sway Putin on Ukraine: analysis French President Emmanuel Macron has shown interest in reviving efforts to broker peace in eastern Ukraine, but analysts say winning over Russian leader Vladimir Putin when they meet on Monday will not be so straightforward.
Notre-Dame clean up resumes after lead contamination concerns French authorities have given the green light for clean-up operations to resume at Notre-Dame Cathedral, following an interruption of more than three weeks due to fears over lead contamination.
Body of French hiker missing in Italy found in ravine The body of a French hiker, Simon Gautier, who went missing in Italy, south of Naples, has been found at the bottom of a ravine. The young man had been missing since 9 August.
French police arrest man after wife's body found in suitcase in car boot A man has been arrested in the French Alps after his wife's body was discovered in a suitcase in the boot of his car, while his two young children sat in the back seat.
Strict safety measures in place as clean-up work resumes at Notre-Dame Clean-up operations at the Notre-Dame resumed Monday, August 19 after French authorities gave the green light following an interruption over more than three weeks due to lead contamination fears.
Macron, Putin to discuss international hotspots ahead of G7 summit French President Emmanuel Macron is to host his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday for a “working session” at his holiday residence, Bregançon Fort. It comes ahead of the G7 summit in Biarritz, which Russia will not attend, after it was expelled from the G8 over its annexation of Crimea.
7th century Merovingian skeleton unearthed in Cahors A seventh-century sarcophagus containing the well-preserved remains of an elderly woman with arthritis has been found in Cahors, south-western France, while the area was being dug up to be redeveloped.

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