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What you need to know about this year's flu vaccination in France From Tuesday adults in France are encouraged to get vaccinated against flu before the virus takes hold during the winter months. Last year the flu virus caused 9,500 deaths in France.
French female jihadist gang sentenced to up to 30 years in jail for failed Notre Dame attack A French court on Monday sentenced five member of an all-female jihadist cell to between five and 30 years in prison over a failed bid to detonate a car bomb outside Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.
France denied early Euro 2020 qualification with Turkey draw France drew 1-1 with Turkey in Euro 2020 qualifying on Monday in a match played against a backdrop of diplomatic and security tensions after Paris condemned Ankara for its military offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria.
Two women convicted in failed 2016 Notre Dame car bomb plot A French court on Monday sentenced five members of an all-female jihadist cell to between five and 30 years in prison over a failed bid to detonate a car bomb outside Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard says Paris-exiled journalist Ruholla Zam arrested Iran says it has arrested an exiled journalist who allegedly helped fan the flames of nationwide economic protests in 2017 to 2018. Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard confirmed on Monday that Ruholla Zam was arrested, followed by an announcement on state television.
Health insurance in France: What you need to know about a mutuelle In the case of a no-deal Brexit, certain groups of British people will need to prove that they have full health insurance. With the government's new residency site now up and running, we take a look at what exactly a French mutuelle involves.
France to announce measures to secure its Special Forces in northern Syria France says it will take measures that will ensure the security of its military and civilian personnel on the ground in north-east Syria, the Elysée announced late Sunday. The announcement comes as the escalation of the Turkish operation against the Kurds in the region rages on leaving forces from the ...
Political tensions loom over France-Turkey Euro qualifier France’s foreign minister has cancelled plans to attend the French national football team’s Euro 2020 qualifying match against Turkey on Monday as tensions over Ankara’s military offensive against Kurds spilled over into sports.
Police in Paris on high alert for France vs Turkey Euro 2020 clash Police reinforcements were
drafted in Monday amid fears of violence at France's Euro 2020 qualifier
against Turkey, a match overshadowed by diplomatic and security tensions after
Paris condemned Ankara for its military offensive against Kurdish forces in
French academic becomes youngest ever winner of Nobel prize for economics A French economist has jointly won the Nobel Prize for Economics for her work on escaping from poverty.
Le Drian scraps plan to attend Turkey football clash French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has scrapped plans to attend a football match between France and Turkey this Monday in what is expected to be a tense game as Ankara presses its military operation in Syria.
Quiz: How well do you know your French 'false friends' The French language is full of words that look like their English equivalents but mean very different things. See if you know the real meaning of all these familiar sounding French words (note some are actually "real friends", in other words they have the same meaning. Can you spot them?)
International students in France handed court victory over plan to hike tuition fees International students coming to France have received a legal boost with a ruling against a planned hike in tuition fees.
French expression of the day: Langue de bois Nothing to do with wood or trees, this is a useful to shout at exasperating bureaucrats or politicians.
Five arrested over deadly attack at Paris Police HQ Five people have reportedly been arrested over the knife attack at the Paris Police HQ that killed four people and seriously injured a fifth.
France's troubled conservatives elect new leader France's rightwing Republicans (LR) on Sunday elected Christian Jacob, the current head of the troubled party's parliamentary group, to steer them to municipal elections in March.
RFI journalist among winners at France's war correspondents awards The Bayeux-Calvados Normandy Awards for war correspondents were presented at a ceremony in Bayeux on Saturday evening. RFI's Sami Boukhelifa won first prize for his radio piece on the fall of the Syrian village of Baghouz, where jihadists held their last patch of territory until March 2019.
Did Charles de Gaulle foresee Brexit? With no end to the Brexit drama in sight, FRANCE 24 goes back to the past to elucidate the present. In 1963, France’s revered President Charles de Gaulle famously said “non” to the UK joining what was then the EEC. For some observers, his arguments for keeping Britain out were ...
Is the French tuition fees ruling a victory for foreign students? France’s Constitutional Council ruled on Friday that free access to public higher education is a constitutional right, throwing into doubt a planned surge in tuition fees for foreigners studying at French universities. But questions remain over the fate of overseas students in France.
French press apologises for report after mistaken identity revealed in French murder mystery Scotland's police on Saturday released a man after he was mistaken for a French fugitive wanted for killing his wife and four children eight years ago. Le Parisien newspaper, which on Friday reported the arrest in Glasgow, has reportedly apologised to the man and his family.
France, Germany halt arms exports to Turkey amid Europe-wide protests France and Germany on Saturday suspended arms exports to Turkey over its offensive into Syria against Kurdish fighters, as protesters denounced Ankara at rallies in several European cities.
Scotland releases man mistaken for French murder suspect Scotland's police on Saturday released a man after he was mistaken for a French fugitive wanted for killing his wife and four children eight years ago.
Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès: Murder, mystery and an 8-year manhunt A man believed to a French fugitive accused of killing his wife and four children in 2011 was arrested in Scotland Friday only to be later released in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity. It is the latest twist to a case that has stumped authorities and ...
The identity scam that sees foreign drivers in France flooded with speeding fines A Canadian who rented a car in Paris for just one day and was then sent 27 speeding tickets for driving offences all dated after he left France to return home is just the latest victim of mysterious identity fraud that has hit foreign tourists in France.
Is Gare du Nord, France and Europe's busiest rail station, about to get bigger? Europe's busiest train station, Paris' bustling Gare du Nord, may get a much-needed facelift after a government tribunal Friday approved part of a 600-million-euro plan to enlarge and modernise the 155-year-old edifice.
‘A lesson in humility’: Macron lambasted at home after European Commission fiasco A debacle, a cold shower and a slap in the face: French commentators spared no hyperbole in describing the rejection of France’s nominee for the European Commission, Sylvie Goulard, claiming Emmanuel Macron had been punished for his arrogance.
New Caledonia to hold second independence referendum in 2020 France's Pacific island territory of New Caledonia will hold a second referendum on independence next year, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said Friday.
Georgians benefit from French health service via asylum claims As part of a broader debate on immigration, French MPs are debating free medical care given to asylum seekers. Since 2007, Georgians no longer need a visa to visit France. Critics say many of them take advantage of the law to apply for asylum and benefit from free healthcare. Last year ...
French kissing culture: The ins and outs of 'la bise' It’s a fundamental part of living in France that can leave foreigners a little flummoxed. "La bise" is the way people greet each other by exchanging kisses on the cheek. Where does this beloved tradition come from? And what are the rules? Genie Godula and Florence Villeminot teach you the basics ...

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