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Antique Doors

Antiquing: Interior designers from Alabama go on an antiques tour in Provence

Caren Trafford | Nov 03, 2015
The splendour of Provence was enhanced this summer by the unbridled enthusiasm and joyfulness of two interior designers who hailed from their hometown, Montgomery, Alabama for an Antiques Diva tour. Their gusto for this corner of the world was…
Antique sideboard

Antiquing: Le Grand Déballage, the best time to buy

Caren Trafford | Jan 14, 2015
A few times a year, a huge game of musical chairs takes place in the antiquing world. It goes by the name of Le Grand Déballage … which translates to The Great Unpacking. One of the venues for this great unpacking is Avignon – and it’s a sight not…
Shabby Chic Suitcases

Antiquing: In the market with shabby chic

Caren Trafford | Dec 03, 2014
For most of us shopping is a chore. The same cannot be said for antiquing. When you’re antiquing, you won’t see those brand names that are found in high streets, airports and shopping malls the world over. In fact it’s a breath of refreshing air to…
Homestore Bathroom

Home Style: Now you can tap in to that dream bathroom

Riviera Reporter | Nov 21, 2014
What’s your vision of the perfect bathroom? Elegance and efficiency come at the top of most people’s list, but here’s a new concept for the wish list: individuality. Up until now there have been limits on how much of our own personality we could put…
Dressing Room

Home Style: Great storage ideas come out of the closet for fancy dressing

Riviera Reporter | Sep 24, 2014
What started out as cupboard love has turned into a full-blown passion when it comes to keeping our clothes neat and accessible. Home storage is a very flat and boring way to describe the beautiful spaces now available in this specialist area. At…
Sorgues Market

Antiquing: Going for brocante

Caren Trafford | Sep 22, 2014
Experts say that words make up a mere 7% of the way we communicate – the rest is body language, inflection and so forth. Relocate to a new country, and this ratio changes. There will come a time as you struggle to master the vocabulary of a new…
Tiles, French Woods

Home Style: The natural look is the latest trend in tiles

Riviera Reporter | Aug 26, 2014
One style of tile is wiping the floor with the rest this summer – the wood-look wonder-tile. The latest technology has been harnessed by chic tile makers such as Marazzi, Iris and Sant’Agostino to produce a floor covering that looks so natural that…
Antiques Shop

Antiquing: Searching for souvenirs in Provence? Think big ... very big

Caren Trafford | Jul 31, 2014
Dusty olive trees and rows of lavender against a background of hill top villages; days filled basking in bright sunlight ... this is the picture-postcard Provence that continues to draw so many tourists as a summertime destination. And at the end of…
Rausch Collection

Home Style: Sitting pretty in the garden

Riviera Reporter | Jul 28, 2014
Everything in the garden is absolutely lovely – until a sudden shower soaks all the garden furniture cushions before you’ve had time to get them inside. No need to keep a weather eye out for dark clouds if you have the latest in fabrics and fillings…
Home Store Hacker Kitchen

Home Style: Kitchen Heaven

Riviera Reporter | Apr 06, 2014
Our recipe for success These days a kitchen has a bigger task on its hands than just producing food for the family. When starting from scratch, those in search of a new kitchen want to create a space at the heart of the home that will look beautiful…
Antique Doors in Provence

Antiquing: It started with a door. Taking home a piece of Provence

Caren Trafford | Feb 28, 2014
The short email appeared unexpectedly one afternoon. It was marked “URGENT”. “Wanted” it said. The typeface was bold. I clicked it open and read on. Wanted: matching pair of Louis XIVth doors, original condition. Walnut wood preferred but oak a…
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